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Announcer: It’s time for “So What’s your Problem?” with life coach and self-proclaimed know-it-all Stan Katzer, taking your calls on everything and anything problematic in your life and relationships. Stan may tell you don’t worry be happy, but we know it’s not that easy so that’s where our experts’ step in to give you tools to navigate through difficult waters. Sit, back, relax and let’s get some perspective and learn how to have a better life. Now here’s your host- Stan “The Man” Katzer.

[intro music]
Stan: Our theme song I have no idea. Gang join in with me. [Singing]. Okay very good. You can see we have a lively group of professionals here today. The name of the show is “So What’s your Problem?” and this is the weekly radio program. We are here with professionals that really are the tops in their field. If you are not the best, I didn’t say close to that you are not the best you do not come on ”So what’s your problem?” I hate to say it. We throw out the invitation we beg and today we had to do a lot of begging to get these two amazing attorneys and the guy who holds the bag for one of the attorneys. This is 790 KABC, I’m Stan Katzer. Let me see if I can open up witha Rodney, not Rodney King, Rodney Dangerfield- joke if I can read it. “Last Halloween a kid tried to rip my face off. He thought I was a mask. Now it’s different. When I opened the door the kids hand me candy.”

All right. So I hope everybody’s doing great out there and let’s get right into it. I wanted to review our attorneys and who are amazing guest stars today and we’re going to enlighten you because you may have issues about the law and that’s what we’re going to deal with today. So, first. She is a very formidable, very talented successful, personal injury attorney and she deals with all kinds of accidents and just you know everything auto, truck, motorcycle, boating, construction site injuries, slip and falls, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries. Wow! and sexual molestation, product liability, dog bites. And you do some… Do any medical malpractice?

Ellen: No, I don’t do medical malpractice.

Stan: You don’t go.. you don’t reach into that.

Ellen: I don’t touch that one.

Stan: Okay and she is the magnificent and let’s hear a big round of applause a “So What’s Your Problem?”round of applause so the one most very wonderful Ellen Levin. Let’s hear it [Applause].

Ellen: Thank you.

Stan: That’s about 18900. Standing room only. All right hi Ellen, how are you?

Ellen: I’m great. How are you doing?

Stan: All right wonderful. I’m doing-I’m doing.

Ellen: You’re doing.

Stan: I’m hanging on and doing all right. And now let’s go to our other attorney and let’s give a visual. Ellen is just all smiles, she’s radiating the whole room just got warmer in here since she entered. She’s wearing a beautiful kind of… it’s not a print. It’s not a print. What would you call that?

Ellen: Just a multi colored.

Stan: A multi colored thing.

Ellen: It is a jacket.

Stan: It’s a jacket that’s beautiful in court by the way. So, that’s Ellen. Now let’s move over. Okay We have a wonderful gentleman and let me give you a visual; gorgeous suit, handsome, he’s got all his hair glasses and looks intelligent. We like that our attorneys to look intelligent by the way okay. And he is an immigration attorney that’s his specialty. And my goodness there’s a lot to talk about in this field in this day and age isn’t there?

Ron: No kidding.

Stan: Yea, Yea. All right well let’s get into we’re going to get a bio on our great attorneys and then we’ll field some questions and have some fun. Okay, so Ellen Levin.

Ellen: Yes.

Stan: Hi Ellen.

Ellen: Hi.

Stan: And by the way I said Ron Tasoff right?

Ron: You did.

Stan: I said that name.

Ron: You said it.

Stan: Let’s say it again Ron Tasoff and he’s from Tasoff and Tasoff and a very easy website Okay Ellen or we can call you Ellie sometimes?

Ellen: Yes, that’s my nickname.

Stan: You’re easy.

Ellen: Yea, I’m easy.

Stan: I had a guy named Ronald and when I slip you know we get friendly on the show and I say Ronald-Ronald. I said so Ron. At the break, he said “I’m Ronald.” I said “Okay I’m sorry.” Ellen, here we go. Where’d you grow up and where you from?

Ellen: Born and raised in Brooklyn.

Stan: Ah where in Brooklyn?

Ellen: Well, I was originally a sort of East New York right and then we moved to East Flatbush okay and then finally to Sheepshead Bay.

Stan: Ah. I lived on Neck Road. I lived on like near Avenue X or something.

Ellen: Yes, I was on Nap Street.

Stan: Nap Street. I think that may have even been one of the train stop. Well neck road was definitely a train stop.

Ellen: That’s a bus stop. It’s a local stop not a train stop.

Stan: So now when did you leave New York what were the circumstances?

Ellen: Well, before I was a lawyer, I was an actress. My husband is an entertainer and a singer and we decided to come out to California so that’s why I came out here originally.

Stan: So see that was the segue to introduce your wonderful husband who’s joining us today. He is Michael B Levin. And Michael whom we may give a big round of applause for. We’re thinking about it. He’s very talented.

Ellen: Extremely talented.

Stan: He’s a singer, he’s an actor and he does some great impersonations, but let’s first give a serious hello to Michael B. Levin wooo… Michael. [applause]

Michael: That’s it. [laughter]

Stan: Hey I like that. We’ll get back to you I’m sorry.

Michael: I apologize really. I’ll probably cancel.

Stan: So, you met Michael…

Ellen: In Brooklyn.

Stan: In Brooklyn okay. But let’s move forward a sec. Where’d you go to high school Sheepshead?

Ellen: Sheepshead Bay High School.

Stan: Okay good school. Where’d you go undergrad?

Ellen: I went to Pace University.

Stan: And that’s where you met Michael B?

Ellen: Right after college we met, actually.

Stan: After. So, four years at Pace?

Ellen: Yes, four years at Pace.

Stan: So, you’re still in New York yes okay so what happens after Pace?

Ellen: Well we met each other, we got married probably about a year after that and…

Stan: You’re pretty young.

Ellen: Yes, we were very young. He took me to California the first time. I don’t even think we were married yet. I fell in love with California and said “That’s it this is where we’re going to live.”

Stan: Right.

Ellen: It took a few years before we did that. He was a drummer at that time and he was making good money on the weekends, just a little bit more money, a little bit more money and I finally said that’s it. I went out of myself- I went by myself, I found the apartment, we came out and that was it.

Stan: Where was the apartment?

Ellen: The apartment was in Los Feliz- great neighbor by the way. I love it.

Stan: Which by the light is even a greater neighbor. We New Yorkers Ron Tasoff say wait-wait they say out here Los Feliz right, we say Los Feli“s”. We say Los Feli“s” but out here they say Los Feliz.

Michael: Los Feliz.

Stan: Los Feliz. Okay. Where did you go to law school?

Ellen: I went to southwestern.

Stan: Oh great. Okay I want to let our callers know we have an immigration attorney and Ron Tasoff and we have a personal injury attorney it with the wonderful Ellen Levin. So, any callers I want you to know that immigration law and we have a personal injury attorney and we have a caller. It looks like we have Barbara. Are you calling about personal injury or immigration issue?

Caller – Barbara: Yes. Personal injury.

Stan: Okay how you Barbara?

Caller – Barbara: Thank you I’m very well.

Stan: I had a barber in my life and I tortured her with every name in the world for Barbara, Babs, Bobby, Barbie, Barbarella–

Caller – Barbara: Barbara-Ann yes, Barbie.

Stan: Yes, Barbie Doll. Alright Barbs go ahead.

Caller – Barbara: So, for the PI attorney my question is, after…… I was involved in a slip-and-fall and I’ve heard they’re very difficult cases to try.

Ellen: They are

Caller -Barbara: So I’m just wondering so if I slipped in a … come on in. I’m sorry.

Stan: Come on in? [laughter]

Caller – Barbara: I’m sorry I’m doing a few things here multitasking.

Stan: Alright did you slip in a market or something Barbara?

Caller – Barbara: Yea, yea, yea. And they supposedly have footage but they’re not releasing until, you know ,I guess they have to if you do– hold on I’m sorry I’m trying to do too many things.

Stan: Alright let’s consolidate quickly. The market has footage but they’re not releasing it and you’re working with an attorney right now. Is that what’s going on?

Caller – Barbara: Yes.

Ellen: Okay so has the lawsuit been filed already?

Stan: Barbara, has the lawsuit been filed already? Your boyfriend came over and you’re cooking him lunch. What the hell’s going on there?

Barbara: No, I’m running after a dog in a hallway.

Stan: Ellen asked if the lawsuit has been filed.

Caller – Barbara: No, it’s not.

Ellen: Generally, they won’t release it– well they’ll release it if it’s good for them and not good for you. I generally will try to contact them and say if it’s something that will move along the case, you know, send the video rather than waiting until expensive litigation.

Caller- Barbara: What’s the reason. No, no….

Stan: The dog in the sauce what’s going on.

Caller- Barbara: I can’t do this.

Stan: Thanks, you know what we’ll answer your question off the air. Go get the dog.

Michael B: Don’t slip. [laughter]

Stan: Don’t slip and fall but let’s tell our listeners though. [dog bark]

Michael B: He’s good.

Stan: For real?

Ellen: Generally, they won’t release the video. They don’t have to release it unless you are in litigation and you have to do discovery if they’re going to use it, they have to turn it over. And generally, we sent a letter out early on you need to preserve the evidence and they can’t destroy it. So, that’s it.

Stan: So, basically if you really need that video you have to go to litigation. You have to go to court?

Ellen: Again, I will call the attorney- if it’s an attorney involved already, I will usually say, look show me the video, let me come in to see it and if we can resolve it, we can resolve it. If not then we’ll have to litigate.

Stan: Alright we’re up against the break. We’re going to come back and hear a lot from Ron Tasoff about his practice and we want to get to know Ron a lot more. Talk Radio 790 kKABC with the amazing Michael B. Levin and the other amazing Levin, Ellen Levin and a wonderful, talented, handsome, brilliant, charming, successful attorney Ron Tasoff. Comeback


End first segment

Stan: I love this song, I love this song. And Michael B, I love this song. And the lyrics may start soon stay with us talk radio. Stay with us. [singing lyrics/background song] And see how much I know the lyrics,

OK, you are listening to Talk radio 79 KABC. You see the name of this show is ”So what’s your problem?” and the fact that we call it “So what’s your problem?” means we infuse… we infuse important information which we disseminate. And we also have a little bit of fun. So let’s meet our 2nd attorney because time is flying by. And he’s a very talented Ron Tasoff. T-a-s-o-f-f. And a very difficult website for you to find Ron, Could we have made it any easier? Even for my listeners. T-A-S-O-F-F. Let’s get to know Ron, and Ron is part. He works with his brother actually, Tasoff and Tasoff. OK Ron. Where’d you grow up?

Ron: here, L.A.

Stan: L.A. man. Wow that’s pretty amazing and which part of?

Ron: When I was 4 we moved to the valley, north Hollywood and I still live in the valley.

Stan: You still live in the valley. Where in the valley?

Ron: Now in Tarzana.

Stan: OK. Do you practice out in the Valley?

Ron: Encino

Stan: Encino, That’s the valley.

Ron: Yea I have a 10 minute commute

Stan: OK. So where did you go to high school?

Ron: Birmingham and Grant.

Stan: OK. Heard of Grant, not sure about Birmingham. And like as a kid any other than the law any interest in sports, women, men, who would you like? [laughter] Well, it’s 2019.

Ron: I can’t even remember that far back.

Stan: How was your high school?

Ron: OK, I was a nerd.

Stan: Well that’s you’re a successful attorney. What got you interested in the law? So that’s a good question.

Ron: I actually wanted to be a doctor originally, but I discovered , one, I didn’t like the sight of blood and especially my own and I didn’t really like to be around sick people.

Stan: Yeah, I get it.

Ron: You know. But I’m glad I discovered that.

Stan: Fairly good reason not to be a doctor yeah.

Ron: And as it turns out, this happened kind of like in the middle of college and I had to graduate.

Stan: Which college?

Ron: University of California Berkeley.

Stan: Oh my!! good school, my ex-wife… [overlapping conversation], in the 60’s. All right, Go ahead I’m gotta tell you an anecdote about myself walking down Telegraph Ave in 1968. I was very young. But still how young could I have been? [laughter] So you did 4 years at Berkeley?

Ron: Yeah. Well I actually did a year abroad.

Stan: In the 60’s.

Ron: Yea

Stan: Wow.

Ron: And I did a year abroad.

Stan: Interesting time, where did you go?

Ron: Scotland of all places.

Stan: You know I’ve been a lot of places I Europe. And you know I must get to Scotland and I’m a golfer.

Ron: Yep that’s the place.

Stan: My daughter went to Edinburg. They say Edinburgh. Something like that and a big pub life right?

Ron: Oh yea.

Stan: 5 in Morning. Beautiful… she went to University of Edinburgh and I swear to God her first class was a 2 in the afternoon and I said ‘Liza, what are you telling me?’ She says, ‘Dad we don’t get in till 5. That’s when the pubs close’. I said, ‘wonderful education’. And where did you go to law school?

Ron: Loyola.

Stan: Loyola. A good school.

Ellen: OK, that’s my 2nd choice.

Stan: Yeah. Ellie, where did you go to law school?

Ellen: Southwestern.

Stan: Southwestern OK, now a very important question; How did you get into immigration law?

Ron: Well, as it turns out my father was an immigration lawyer. IN fact, he used to work for the old Immigration Naturalization Service. And when he left, he was what’s called a special inquiry officer. They now refer to them as immigration judges. And, it was really great 20 years I worked with my dad and that was a great experience.

Stan: Yeah.

Ron: That’ll do it and that’s how I and my brother both got into immigration law.

Stan: Very cool, great. So, Ellen let me segue way to you, maybe the 4 of us can discuss this even with Sam. Wait a minute I’m sorry Sammy left, oh my god Seinfeld just came into the conversation. Jerry how are you doing?

Michael B as Seinfeld: OK, that’s why they call it what is your problem, what is your problem? I want to know what is your problem.

Stan: Uh, No, you the ones, the people who need… my problem is my microphone is like going off,

Michael B as Seinfeld: That’s your problem. We see that.

Stan: [overlapping conversation] We are here for the listeners problems Jerry. Alright, let’s really get serious OK?

Ellen: Really?

Stan: What going on with the immigration? What are you…give a ….Please from an expert what is going on well?

Ron: Well. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. It’s very challenging times right. Not only for you know, us lawyers, but far more for our clients. I do business and family immigration. So I’m not what you… it’s been a long time since I was in an immigration court, though I used to do that. I basically got too old to OK get up that early in the morning.

Stan: But you must really be coming across some tough cases, you have to advise people on what to do?

Ron: Oh yeah, well there is a war not only with that everybody knows and feels on immigration. (Stan: right) I don’t even want to call it illegal immigration but what’s going on down at the border (Stan: of course) and you know I kind of know what’s going on from a legal point of view but those aren’t my clients. My clients (Stan: of course) you know tend to be people who marry people, born in foreign countries; companies that want to bring over skilled (Stan: absolutely) professional worker usually…

Stan: And the guy who’s served in the military, becomes a citizen, his wife isn’t, they want to throw his wife and kids out of the country. And they’re trying to do that, this administration?

Ron: Yeah, it’s very different. For me, it’s the most challenging time for immigration law. Though the country itself has gone through periods like this.

Stan: Yea. You know it’s just seem like it’s more highlighted. You know maybe with this president or what’s happening. Alright I want to tell our listeners we have the great Ellen Levin and she is a personal injury attorney. She handles all types of injuries and to find her it’s very easy. You simply go to E-L-L-E-N-L-E-V-I-N lawoffICE dot com, and the wonderful Ron Tasoff is really easy;

Ron is strictly an immigration attorney and Ellen is strictly a personal injury attorney. so if you are a caller or if you’re on hold. I see we have a few callers on hold, please try to make those questions relative to personal injury and immigration law. so I see we have Peter on the phone. Peter, how are you?

Caller-Peter: I’m doing Ok. How are you doing?

Stan: OK. How you doing? We’ve got another how you doing. Hold on one second. Hold on. Jackie Mason wants to say hello to you.

Michael B as Jackie Mason: How ya doing? How ya doing? Where’s this man from? Peter?

Stan: Yea, his name’s Peter.

Michael B as Jackie Mason: Peter you there, Testing 1.2. Did you pass away? [laughter] You still there? Ok.

Stan: Peter. All right you just got to talk to Jackie Mason, you crazy? Hey, Peter, how about this, hey Mr, hey Mr. So, immigration law, a personal injury law, Peter what is your question?

Caller-Peter: Yes, it has do… it pertain to my wife’s who had surgery on her spine. And she came out of it with the left arm basically disabled. So, I want to know is…how to proceed with the claim. It’s clear that she was injured. She never went in with an arm problem, she went in with a back problem and came out with an arm problem.

Stan: Alright, Ellen does not do medical malpractice, but she has an answer.

Ellen: I don’t do it, but I could get your information and I do have attorneys who do handle that. What’s very important is for you to get all of the medical records from the hospital immediately. That’s the most important thing is to get the records because that will have to be reviewed by another doctor. I mean the standard is whether or not either the hospital or the doctors fell below the standard of care and in order to do that they have to review all the medical records. So that would be the most important thing and then from there, you do need to find an attorney who does specifically medical malpractice not somebody who dabbles in it.

There are a couple attorneys out there who are actually doctors as well. So I hope that answers your question?

Caller-Peter: Yeah. It does answer my question.

Stan: Ellen, how would you find a doctor that does the law as well?

Ellen: Well, there is there is one out there who I know his name is Steve Heinberg, he’s an excellent attorney.

Stan: You know what I’m going to… and I apologize. Let’s do this, Peter, very easy OK. Are you ready? You know how to spell Ellen, you know to spell Levin., you can get in touch with her office. She’s a wonderful person seriously. She’ll set..she will head you in the right direction. She’ll understand your case. If she could help fine, if not she’ll happy to give a referral.

Ellen: Absolutely.

Stan: So hang in there. Really good luck to your wife. It sounds, well to me, I mean just in layman’s terms, it sounds like a little bit of a botched surgery there, is that true? Would you agree with that?

Caller-Peter: We thought so. [illegible]

Ellen: And make sure you get the consent form, that’s also very, very important that you have that.

Stan: Hey, let me as your question, did you enjoy your July 4th?

Caller-Peter: uh……

Stan: Did you enjoy your July 4th, it was 2 days ago wasn’t it? OK Peter, yeah go back to your vodka tonic, nice talking to you. Be well, OK. It was overso… OK Ron Tasoff. Seriously, so who comes to you? Who are your clients?

Ron: Since we’ve been in business for so long, in fact you know I dare say we’re the oldest immigration law firm in L.A. not the biggest but…

Stan: Right you’ve been around, you know your business.

Ron: I even have like 3rd generation, 4th generation clients who get married to people from the old country. Or start up companies, they want to bring over, you know, engineers and people like that. But you know one out of 3 people in L.A. is born is born in foreign country.

Stan: Absolutely, yea. And on the other side,

Ron: True in California.

Stan: The show’s really flying by. I mean this shows really flying by and I’m not going to give Seinfeld, or Sammy or Jackie any credit for this. But I really want to continue this. It’s a very important conversation. The listeners want to know more about what DACA is and all that stuff and the listeners want to know… and the listeners need to know why they don’t have to be afraid if they go to Ellen Levin or Ron Tasoff. All right spirit up Little Darlin want to say thank you to Jackie Mason, Seinfeld and Sammy Davis Jr., Ellen Levin, wonderful lovely personal injury attorney and she is quite simply get it down, and easy enough to, T-A-S-O-F-F-dot com. They are the oldest firm that has been handling immigration law even though they’re younger gentlemen. Come on the other side where we will be pissed off.

Ron: thanks Stan.

End second segment


Stan: Alright. This is the Beatles. No, no, who is this?

Ellen: This is immigration man. [music playing in the background]

Stan: Immigration Man.

Ellen: I know this song. Yea.

Stan: Do you know it? Let’s sing it. Michael let’s sing it.

Ellen: I know this song. Yea. Yea. Yea.

Stan: Michael let’s sing it.

Ellen: No. It’s Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Stan: Oh my God, I love Crosby, Stills and Nash. Michael B, we don’t know the lyrics.

Ellen: Too much rock.

Stan: We’re singing immigration man in honor of Ron Tasoff because he is the immigration man. Let me introduce our panel again, Ron Tasoff renowned immigration law attorney. He is the ultimate immigration law attorney, along with his partner, who’s his brother happens to have the same last name as him; Tasoff. The firm is Tasoff and Tasoff . OK. We’re so happy to have Ron here, we’re talking about immigration law, Ellen Levin we’re talking about personal injury and she has a really great guy, fun guy he’s a good guy to tease and he’s as a New Yorker. He’s tough for me, man. It is hard for me to have a comeback with this guy and we’re just having so much fun.

So, let me start with Michael B, the lovely, talented, attractive husband of Ellen Levin. Mike seriously Jackie…

Michael B: You like my tux by the way?

Stan: Yeah, you look good.

Michael B: I dressed up for the show.

Stan: You look good.

Michael B: Yes, and by the way it’s not that we got to go immigration man to Secret Agent Man, that’s how you do it, I just thought about that.

Stan: Well it sounded like your lyrics were kind of secret agent man.

Michael B: It’s better, it’s better than when he picked. [overlapping conversation]

Stan: So, Sammy, Seinfeld, Jackie… Oh so this segment we have one of my relatives came to the studio from Miami Beach. He schlep here. It wasn’t easy. He’s 92 years old and I just called my alta caca yiddish Bubby.

Michael B (impersonation voice): Yes. I’m schvitzing. What’s going on here?

Stan: Is a man a Bubby?

Michael B (impersonation voice): I’m schvitzing in here you didn’t even offer me a piece of pound cake and any kind of cake, a nice piece of kugel. No kugel. I can’t find a nice piece of kugel.

Stan: Well, if we can. We, last week we did have kasha varnishkes.

Michael B (impersonation voice): I love a nice kasha.

Stan: You love that. A nice kasha varnishkes.
[overlapping conversation]

Stan: You were in entertainment, did you ever play the Catskills?

Michael B (impersonation voice): Of course I did, it is very interesting.

Stan: You know you’re a handsome man, you’re pretty good with the ladies down there at the beach?

Michael B (impersonation voice): I try to be handsome with the ladies down there at the beach you know what I’m saying.

Stan: OK.

Unknown man voice: Hey, your wife is right here.

Stan: Thank you, watch it watch it,

Michael B: Just give me direct questions, I’ll be honest.

Stan: OK. Ellie Levin,

Ellen: yes.

Stan: Ellie Levin, share a personal injury case with me that was just really a very traumatic or you may have ended up with a better settlement that you originally thought.

Ellen: It’s actually a verdict.

Stan: A verdict? OK would you care to share.

Ellen: Yes

Stan: Listeners love this stuff.

Ellen: You know it is a personal injury case. It was an auto accident. It was a rear ender and, the client didn’t want to treat much and over the years, because it took about 3 and a half years, her condition kept getting worse and worse. She had some epidural injections. She went to the chiropractor nothing was helping and the insurance company was… they pretty much dug their heels in. Didn’t want to pay enough and we said fine, we went to trial and it was a $2,100,000.00 verdict.

Stan: Wow.

Ellen: And I really took care of her a

Stan: Wow. Nice job.

Ellen: The client was important to me. She didn’t have her mom. She had a tough life. And I just kind of… most of my clients, my clients are my kids, I don’t have any children. My husband and I don’t have kids. When people say you have any kids? I go, yes. A lot of attorneys will come to me and bring me their difficult cases. I’m kind of like a bulldog. And you know, they know that I take care of their clients. I fight to the death for my clients.

Stan: Well, that’s what we want.

Ellen: Yeah and that’s kind of the way I am.

Stan: You’re a strong advocate.

Ellen: I’m a very strong advocate.

Voice in background: Me too (chuckle)

Stan: So, let me ask this question, and we love to ask the question, why of all personal injury attorneys in L.A. There are some… Why go to you Ellen Levin? What are you going to offer?

Ellen: Personal care. A lot of times attorneys will have their assistants, or their associates take care of them. My phone is always open. I have been on the phone with my clients at 2 o’clock in the morning if it’s necessary. So, you will get me. And I will answer your calls within 24 hours if I if I’m not near a phone. So, it’s the level of care and how I fight. Defense attorneys will come to me afterwards and they will comment on how hard I work for my client, and so do mediators because they know. There’s some mediators who won’t work with me because I’m Brooklyn and I’m tough and I look out for my client.

Stan: And you get a reputation, I think, where the insurance companies know that you’re not afraid to go to court.

Ellen: yes

Stan: And you going to go to the max.

Ellen: Yes.

Stan: Ok, Ron Tasoff. Tasoff and Tasoff. Why… There are as many immigration attorneys as there are personal injury, but why go to Tasoff and Tasoff ? What are you, what are you offering that others don’t?

Ron: I like to say experience, which is important in any type of law. And on top of that, I’m a certified immigration specialist. State Bar of California. And then finally I guess it’s just our attitude towards law. My brother and I we’re kind of old school. We do it the way we always have done it. We answer the phone. We look over every document that goes out of our office. We talk to the client. Often times we provide free 10 minute consultations on the telephone for people who have questions. Saves both of us and them time if we can’t help them. It’s actually really important to know that sometimes the best advice is to do nothing especially nowadays. If you file an application and it’s not approved, you have to think of it as an application for deportation if you’re not legally in the country.

Stan: Yeah, but this is why you need a lawyer. When you say do nothing, even for the lawyer to say do nothing, you have someone on your side that knows professionally what to do. Anyway, listen, If anybody really is in an immigration situation and by the way I know folks that are in businesses now that are employing illegals that a very-very nervous about what to do or how to get them legalized and we want to learn a little bit more about DACA

Ron: I don’t like the term illegal people.

Stan: What should we say?

Ellen: The term is undocumented.

Stan: Undocumented.

Ron: Or foreign national.

Stan: yeah, undocumented people. OK, that’s good, all right I want to again remind our listeners, because I see we have callers coming in. We have Ron Tasoff, who is strictly an immigration attorney. That is his specialty. If you have a call relating to immigration, call in and he’s your man. And, as far as who’s your woman, is Miss Ellie. Ellen. Ellen Ellie. Ellen Ellie. We just made an Italian Jew. Ellen Ellie Levin, no. Ellen Levin, she is delightful, she’s smart, she really fights for her clients. So personal injury or immigration.

Stan: Peter how are you… I’m sorry Barry, how are you? Do you have an immigration question or a personal injury?

Caller – Barry: I have an accident question. Thanks for taking my call.

Stan: Ok. That may fall under the category of personal injury.

Caller – Barry: It is for my son in law. About 2 weeks ago. He was at a light. He was actually going to register his brand new car at the motor vehicle department. And, 85 year old man, driving, you know, 40 miles an hour, slammed into the back of his new car. Totaled it. The airbag went off. He’s OK, you know he’s got some just musculoskeletal things. But he’s kind of like a tough guy. He said nah, you know I’m not going to get a lawyer and there’s this and that. So, he’s trying to deal with the insurance company all himself which is a kind of mistake I tell him. They don’t even want to give him the full price of the car. Which is totally ridiculous to me. So, I mean. He definitely needs a lawyer, because, you know, he can’t deal with these insurance companies on your own right?

Stan: Let’s see what Ellen Levin has to say. Excuse me, that’s my Pepsi.

Ellen: You said that that was rear ended and the airbags went off?

Caller – Barry: Yeah.

Ellen: Oh that’s kind of unusual. It must have hit pretty hard. It is important that you think about having to meet with an attorney at least for a consultation. The insurance companies will not do the right thing or the fair thing. If he is still… if he has any kind of pain, he should go at least to a primary doctor and get checked out. Or Urgent Care.

Caller – Barry: He did that. He went to the ER. And they gave him so Motrin. And said, you know, musculoskeletal. Nothing broken or nothing displaced or something like that. So, he didn’t even miss any work. But he feels a little bad, as far as you know.

Stan: Just a minute. He’s not Jewish, is he?

Caller – Barry: No.

Stan: He didn’t miss work? OK. Anyway, I’m kidding, it’s a joke. Come on. I’m Jewish.

Ellen: Now, was the car totaled or is it repairable?

Caller – Barry: Yes. It’s totaled.

Ellen: OK, it was totaled. All right. So you have to just make sure that if there’s any extras in the car that they list everything. You know that he gives them everything. If it’s a brand new car you know.

Caller – Barry: I mean it was 2 weeks old. He bought it. It was 2 years old. He bought it for 2 weeks he was actually on the way that a motor vehicle department, when he got, you know, 85 year old guy. I don’t know if he hit the gas instead of the brake.

Ellen: Right

Stan: Right. Listen Barry, let me tell you. Let me say this to you. Please, please get this down. OK? She’s great. She will help you out.

Caller – Barry: Ellen Levin – L -e-v-i-n?

Stan: yea.

Ellen: Yes

Stan: Just get in touch. They’ll take care of you. You’ll find her number and everything right through the website.

Ellen: Yes, everything is on the website.

Stan: Everything is on the website.

Caller – Barry: I know. I got to talk to him too. So sensitive.

Stan: Yeah. OK we’re up against a prank. Thanks, Barry. Was that our 3rd Segment? Wow! Talk radio 79 KABC. I’m Stan Katzer with the very talented Ron Tasoff, Immigration attorney, Tasoff .com. T-a-s-o-f-f dot com. Ellen Levin, a sheer delight. It took. It wasn’t easy to get her on the show, I got to tell you, we had to go through her manager, and whatever, [laughter] but finally we got her. And she’s very easy to find, And the amazing Michael B Levin who is very talented. He is a singer, he is an actor, he’s a comedian, he does impersonation. Michael B. Levin, remember that out there. Michael B. Is there a phone number for people want you for a gig?

Michael B: Yes, please. Operators are standing by at 818-317-5475

Stan: 818-317-5475.

Stan: And please write that down, this guy is an insane talent. [phone ringing in background]

Michael B: And David Belenzon management as well. B-e-l-e-n-z-o-n, could look that up.,

Stan: Ok, say the.. spell it.

Michael: B-e-l-e-n-z-o-n

Stan: Ok. Belenzon . Check it out. Come back on the other side. One segment left. Thank you.
[secret Agent Man music plays, fades off]

End third segment

SWYP Seg- 4

[music playing]
[overlapping conversation and singing lyrics]

Stan: You can do any song in reggae… [overlapping conversation]

Stan: All right, let’s go. I’m Stan Katsu, 790 KABC with a very talented, seriously, actor, singer, comedian, impressionist Michael B. Levin. He’s a great guy. Remember the name. And Ellen Levin, who I think is married to that guy over there.

Michael B: I think so, gotta check the papers

Stan: She’s a great attorney. Get the sound, seriously, for a really good personal injury attorney. And she’s you know I have to say it; she’s a nice person. I always say this. I’m terrible. I go by bedside manner. I honestly had a prostatectomy, I’m fine. I had a little cancer. I like the guy. I like the surgeon. He turned out to be one of the world’s best but my wife at the time says would you want to know more? I don’t know, I like him, I trust him and lawyers especially. I don’t know, nobody to get a lawyer unless you have a good vibe I think.

All right so Ellen is And let’s talk to Ron Tassoff a little bit more. He’s, OK we have a couple of e-mail questions, so somebody wants to know, they’re here undocumented, what do they do to be maybe get a green card or something that makes them safer living in America?

Ron: It’s really difficult to answer general life question like that, but basically, the immigration laws and all laws passed in 1952, President Truman vetoed it, it’s been patched up all over the place, so I tell clients there’s nothing logical, there’s nothing fair about immigration law. If you’re here out of status and that’s something people have to understand, that people can come here legally, they fall out of status, they can go back into status, it isn’t that black and white. And there are many obscure things and just straightforward things. However, especially nowadays you have to be very careful how you proceed because as I mentioned before maybe during the break but an application that isn’t approved validates as an application for deportation and the courts are backlogged for years now. So it’s just it will be on ice for long.

Stan: So, basically you need to get in touch with an immigration attorney. Let me tell you folks out there and you give 10 minutes of free evaluation, so it’s again it’s Ron Tasoff. Tasoff and Tasoff. So they’re brothers. They’re great guys and just get in touch through the website or get the phone number and you’ll get a lot of information.

Ron: I want to make a point that it’s important to talk to a lawyer because there are people, unfortunately people out there who aren’t lawyer. Some of them are just you know in the community, they want to help people. But others are just nothing more than crooks and they’ll take your money and not do what you’re supposed to do. I see all those cases all the time, where you know had someone just done something or were taken advantage of their whole life and their immigration case would be so different. So, it’s really worth the money to see an immigration lawyer, it is not that expensive.

Stan: Oh 100%. It’s very important.

Ron: There are a lot of very qualified immigration lawyers in L.A. I should say that immigration lawyers we’re all in the same team and we help each other out and you know immigration lawyer from my perspective are good people. In fact, they are better than P.I. lawyers. [laughter]

Ellen: Whoa, step back before you say that. You want to… [overlapping conversation/laughter]
Bad rap for PI attorneys. Hold on there…

Stan: now I have to tell the listeners I’m doing this show for 4 years, 150 attorneys and after today 152. All of the attorneys that come on really care. They care. When she says she loses sleep, I know that because I’ve had other PI say that.

Ellen: I talk a lot in my sleep actually.

Stan: You know she gets a call from the hospital, you know somebody has just been in traumatic and you’re there. What would you do is especially in this day and age. OK, I’m not supposed to talk politics, what can… and I know you don’t deal too much with the border, you deal with your own folks. Well let me ask you this other question it’s an e-mail question then we’ll go to some fun questions. OK a guy writes in he owns a business and they’re undocumented workers, he’s nervous as hell what should he… what can he do to help those workers?

Ron: Probably, the number one thing is call a lawyer, call an immigration lawyer.

Stan: I understand what to do.

Ron: And then you have to be careful because there’s also employment law, we live in a state, California which is probably one of the most liberal in terms of the sanctuary movement and it’s a good thing but you have to from the point of view of being an employer or other people involved, you have to be careful how you proceed. And of course you want to help your employee. There are many places where you can find, you know, general rights for what happens when ICE come knocking at the door, they have to have a warrant, that’s number one thing.

Stan: It’s important to know, listen, listeners. I’m serious it is Ron, he’s tops in the game, he’ll help you out. Don’t be afraid to call a lawyer, they’re here to help you out and amaze.

Ron: Free 10 minute consultation.

Stan: Free 10 minute consult and Ellen Levin …..

Ellen: My consults are always free.

Stan: Ellen Levin everything’s free.

Ellen: Just the consult.

Stan: But you work on a contingency.

Ellen: I work on a contingency basis [cash register background sound] so I basically take on all the risk until the case is done, so…

Stan: Yeah we’ve got 2 minutes, here we go. Ellen Levin; best advice you’ve ever been given?

Ellen: Best advice I’ve ever been given?

Stan: Yea, what’s good advice you’ve been given?

Ellen: Come out to California.

Stan: OK. Ron Tasoff, I have a friend tause.

Ron: Be happy, save money.

Stan: OK, there you go. Save money, yea. Jackie Mayson.

Michael B: I just want to say Ellen has visited clients in prison, that’s how dedicated she is.

Ellen: I have. I have. That’s how dedicated I am.

Michael B: Let’s put an end to those rumors.

Stan: And she visited you when you are in prison.

Michael B: That’s how we met, those conjugal visits paid off.

Stan: Alright next question. If you could meet any 2 hour lunch with anyone past, present, or future, Ron first.

Ron: Being surrounded with KABC, I’ve always loved Michael Jackson, I’m not sure.

Stan: I don’t know if he’s… [overlapping conversation]

We’re the same age, he was my guy and I love… He was very liberal, you guys are too young, I’ve got one minute left and LELE, Ellen Ellie?

Ellen: Ellen Ellie

Stan: I like that Ellen Ellie

Ellen: If I had my choice, it would be Bette Midler. Bette Midler. She’s my idol.

Stan: Cause people say you look a little like her.

Ellen: They do.

Stan: Yeah-yeah, Bet is amazing

Ellen: She’s been my idol since I was a little girl.

Stan: and now is an entertainer seriously.

Michael B: [singing] I’d Love to meet myself. I’d love to meet Sinatra and have a little nosh.

Stan: I hear ya. Alright I think. I’m wrapping up here. Wow, this went fast. Amazing guests. Let me say again Ron Tasoff immigration law, contact him. His phone numbers on his website. Ellen Levin contact her. and I’m being very serious, if you want an insanely talented guy for a gig or whatever.

Michael B:

[background music]


Stan: Oh. You didn’t tell me that.

Michael B: I’ve got it all.

Stan: and he is with David Belenzon

Michael B: David Belenzon, Operators are standing by. David Belenzon Management. Did I mention David Belenzon?

Stan: I think we’re better of mentioning Michael B Levin, I’ve done this for a few years. Alright guys, we love you out there. Stan Katzer, [inaudible] signing off. Contact our attorneys, they are the best in the city. If not the world.

Ellen: Throughout California.


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