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Animal Bites

Our attorneys know just how devastating an animal bite injury can be.

Did you know that over your lifetime, you have a 50% chance of being bitten by a domesticated animal -including dogs and other household pets?

After arriving at the hospital, give yourself time to collect your thoughts and receive the care you need in order to prevent injuries from being compounded. You’ll want to take notes on the entire situation.

angry-dogIn your notes, be sure to include:
• Where you were when you were attacked.
• A detailed description of the animal that bit you.
• Any information you may have on the individuals responsible for the animal that attacked you.
• The time and date of the attack.
• The actions and circumstances leading up to the animal attack.

After you’ve collected your thoughts and received appropriate medical attention, contact the experienced animal bite attorneys at Ellen Levin Law.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their injuries from an animal was minor so you do not need an attorney. Among other reasons, working with an experienced animal attack attorney can help take the burden of your case off your mind so you can focus on healing.

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You or your loved ones may be entitled to damages, such as lost wages, medical bills and for your emotional and physical pain and suffering. The  attorneys at The Law Office of Ellen Levin, PC are dedicated to helping individuals harmed by:

Wrongful death, coma, closed head trauma, concussions, broken bones, broken neck, and other serious harm from negligence and intentional acts like violence, dishonesty and harassment (“torts”.) Many clients complain of knee injuries, shoulder injuries, ankle, spine injury, broken jaw, ligament injuries from torn muscles, and even eye injuries.

These torts often involve: dog bites, car accidents, motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents, like hit and run, swimming pool drowning, trucks, motorcycle accidents, bicycle crash, bouncer attacks, disfigurement, unsafe premises caused by landlords with faulty electrical wiring, loose steps or poor lighting; product recalls from defective seat belts, tire defects, explosions, or exploding airbags, fire burn injury,

If you suffered the pain of a devastating accident, get sound legal advice from an attorney who will always put you the client first, and who will aggressively fight to get justice.

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